The Global Cooksafe Coalition

Safe, affordable, fossil fuel-free cooking for everyone.

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The Future of Cooking is Electric

The Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC) exists to promote universal access to safe and sustainable cooking in OECD countries by at least 2030 in new buildings and 2040 in existing buildings, and in all buildings worldwide by 2045. That means universal access to affordable, energy-efficient cooking appliances, powered by rapidly decarbonising grids or distributed renewable energy.

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Our Members and Partners

The Global Cooksafe Coalition brings together unparalleled expertise in food and cooking, public health, climate change science, renewable energy, aid and development, and property and the built environment.

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William Gleave

Danielle Alvarez

Danielle Alvarez, chef and author

O Tama Carey

O Tama Carey, Head chef and owner, Lankan Filling Station

Clayton Wells

Clayton Wells, Chef and owner, Automata

Dan Puskas

Dan Puskas, Chef and owner, Sixpenny

James Lowe

James Lowe, Executive chef, Lyles (London)

Palisa Anderson

Chef and co-owner, Chat Thai/Boonluck Farm

Neil Perry

Chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter

James Henry

Chef and owner, Le Doyenné

Analiese Gregory

Chef and author


Rob Roy Cameron

Chef and consultant

Darren Robertson

Chef and co-owner, Three Blue Ducks

Alanna Sapwell

Chef, Beach Byron Bay

Andrew McConnell

Chef and co-owner of Trader House Hospitality Group

Christine Manfield

Chef and author

Cynthia Shanmugalingam

Chef and author

Rodney Dunn

Chef and author, The Agrarian Kitchen

Our Chef Ambassadors and Supporters

The Global Cooksafe Coalition unites some of the world’s most loved chefs. These food industry experts are championing investment in electric cooking appliances, because they’re better for us and perform better in the kitchen.

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Gas is the dominant cooking fuel globally. But children living in homes with gas cooking have a 42 percent increased risk of having current asthma.
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