Global Cooksafe Coalition

New GCC Property Partners

Property companies Grosvenor Property UK and Lendlease Europe joined the coalition as property partners and committed to phase out gas from all new kitchens in their developments by 2030, and to retrofit existing properties with electric power by 2040. They join a growing movement of forward-thinking leaders around the world, including GCC’s international partners already transitioning to electric-only kitchens across combined property portfolios exceeding £120 billion.

Ed Green, Sustainability Director, Grosvenor Property UK

“Gas free kitchens are more energy efficient, cost effective and comfortable for families and businesses. We’ve already committed to gasless kitchens across all our new projects, contributing to a reduction in gas use across our London portfolio by 40% since 2019. We’re proud to have welcomed eight new gas free hospitality occupiers since 2023. Attitudes are changing, and by joining with Global Cooksafe Coalition we hope to raise the profile and benefits of a gas free future and support other hospitality businesses and developers to transition to gas free cooking.”


Grosvenor is an international organisation whose activities span urban property, food and agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives. Its UK property business supports c1,000 businesses and tens of thousands of residents and workers across London’s West End each day. It also invests in, creates and manages sustainable neighbourhoods in Liverpool and across England.

Matt Buntine, Head of Consulting and Sustainability, Lendlease Europe

“The removal of on-site fossil fuels and electrification of our assets, coupled with the purchase of renewable electricity, is key to us meeting our target to reach Absolute Zero by 2040. It also creates a safer, healthier working environment for our customers. This is already an active part of our development strategy with the Turing Building, our latest office building at Stratford Cross, being an example where we’ve actively worked with the incoming retailer to reduce gas demand via the specification of electric cooking equipment”.


Lendlease is a globally integrated real estate group with a AU$117 billion global development pipeline. Lendlease has played a role in creating landmark spaces around the world, with a focus on safety, innovation and sustainability.