Global Cooksafe Coalition

Major government announcements show big policy shift towards electric cooking

Media Release – Australia

Friday, 28 July 2023

Two important state announcements today signal a defining moment in the transition to electric cooking in both residential and commercial settings. Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC) chefs and ambassadors will stand beside Victorian and ACT Ministers as they make their announcements at two different events today.

Victoria: all new homes to be electric

The Victorian Government’s commitment will be to transition all new homes requiring a planning permit to be all electric from 1 January 2024. The policy is aimed at providing cost of living relief for residents buying in new residential developments and illustrates Victoria’s long-term commitment to electrification as part of their Gas Substitution Roadmap.

This is particularly significant because Victorians are the nation’s biggest users of gas with more than 80% of households connected to gas for their cooking, heating or hot water.

Director of the Global Cooksafe Coalition, Laura Kelly, said: “Australia’s leading chefs, from Neil Perry to Palisa Anderson, are cooking on induction because it’s hotter, faster and more precise. It’s also cheaper to run and doesn’t emit the harmful chemicals into your home that gas cooktops do. For home cooks, induction is a major upgrade and we’re proud to support the Victorian Government as they provide Victorians with the best power infrastructure and safest cooking technology on the market.”

Well-known chef and owner of Lee Ho Fook, Victor Liong, represented the GCC at the Victorian announcement and is also a strong advocate of electric cooking.
“A lot of the flavour of restaurant cooking, and the Chinese food at my own restaurant, is just about how hot the wok gets and how hot the ingredients get. The high temperatures on induction can give you this restaurant flavour at home,” said Victor Liong.

ACT announces rebates for commercial kitchen electrification

The ACT Government is also encouraging induction cooking, but their policy announcement today was focused on rebates for commercial kitchens to make the change to electric.

The Commercial Kitchen Trial will provide eligible ACT businesses with a rebate of up to 50% of the total cost of transition. Businesses will also receive expert technical advice in addition to financial assistance.

“Induction cooktops are the best cooking technology on the market, and they also save money for homes and businesses. It’s brilliant news that the ACT Government is leading the world in providing financial support to food businesses, so that they can access all the benefits of the latest electric cooking technology,” said Laura Kelly.

These announcements follow a seismic shift in the property sector last week, with Frasers Property Australia and Cbus Property joining the GPT Group and Lendlease to take the combined total of buildings pledging to safer, electric cooking technology to $127 billion.