Global Cooksafe Coalition

Who we are

The Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC)

Cooking with fossil fuels is unhealthy and unsustainable. It’s also unnecessary.

The Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC) exists to promote universal access to safe and sustainable cooking by 2030 in new kitchens and 2040 in existing kitchens. That means fossil-fuel-free cooking on electric appliances, powered by renewable energy.

Member organisations are leaders in the spheres of public health, property and the built environment, fair food, aid and development, renewable energy and climate change science and advocacy.


Bringing together unparalleled experience, the GCC works to ensure we can all breathe clean air in our kitchens. And by getting fossil fuels out of kitchens, the GCC is leading urgent action to combat the climate crisis.

None of our members make financial contributions to the Global Cooksafe Coalition. We are independent and funded by philanthropic organizations — we are not influenced by and do not accept donations from corporations or governments. Action Speaks Louder provides secretariat services on behalf of the Global Cooksafe Coalition.