Global Cooksafe Coalition

Our Team

Sarah Kirk


Sarah is responsible for the strategic direction of the coalition. She brings over 15 years of experience building effective advocacy organisations and networks. Her expertise lies in public health, having focused in past roles on respiratory illnesses, infectious diseases, children’s health, and sexual and reproductive health and rights across the Asia Pacific and Southern and Eastern African regions.

Luciana Nemeth

Global Programme Manager

Luciana leads on developing the coalition and its core programmes. She has over 15 years of experience in advocacy and communications in the fields of public health and human rights. She has worked with grassroots organisations, private companies and policymakers to develop and implement progressive public policy. Luciana has extensive experience in establishing and coordinating global networks.

Virginia Jones

Australia Programme Manager

Virginia leads programmes in Australia for the coalition including buillding partnerships, working with government and developing relationships in the sectors of property, health, environment and commercial cooking. Spanning over 25 years, Virginia’s career has been centred around communications which make a positive difference to the world. This has included working in the media, the arts, tertiary institutions and not-for-profits.

Tushar Nair

UK and Europe Campaign Manager

Tushar drives the coalition forward in the UK and Europe, working alongside and expanding our network of members, partners and government supporters. Tushar has over ten years of experience specialising in network-building and policy advocacy. He has worked extensively with policymakers, multilateral agencies and civil society organisations at national and global levels. His work has largely focused on public health policy and advocacy aimed at regional governance bodies such as the G20, G7, ASEAN, and APEC.

Jilly Middleton

Chef Programme Manager

Jilly leads engagement with chef ambassadors and supporters for the GCC, and works with hospitality and cooktop industries to reduce barriers to commercial kitchen electrification. She has eight years of experience working as an organiser, educator and advocate across food, agriculture and conservation sectors. Advocacy in food came as an extension of over ten years of regenerative farming, supplying leading Australian restaurants.

Rushani Epa

Chef Campaigner – UK and Europe

Rushani engages and collaborates with GCC chef ambassadors across the UK and Europe. She has seven years of experience in the food media industry, as a consultant, public speaker, freelance journalist, publisher, editor and marketing lead. She has penned pieces for some of Australia’s leading publications and is the founder of a food magazine.